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Notes of the Melakarta ragams in Carnatic music shown in a keyboard layout. This gallery shows the SVG format images.

In these images C is used as Shadjam for simplicity sake only. In Carnatic music any note can be the tonic note (sruti), which is taken as Shadjam note.

Each chakra (group) consists of 6 ragams.

For Tamil script equivalent illustrations, see மேளகர்த்தா இராகங்கள் gallery.

Indu Chakra[edit]

Netra Chakra[edit]

Agni Chakra[edit]

Veda Chakra[edit]

Bana Chakra[edit]

Ritu Chakra[edit]

Rishi Chakra[edit]

Vasu Chakra[edit]

Brahma Chakra[edit]

Dishi Chakra[edit]

Rudra Chakra[edit]

Aditya Chakra[edit]

See also[edit]

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