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Description Italian architect, sculptor, painter and draughtsman
Date of birth
Place of birth Caprese Michelangelo
Date of death
Place of death Rome

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Portraits of Michelangelo[edit]



Santo Spirito Crucifix (1493)[edit]

Ark of Saint Dominic (Bologna) (1494)[edit]

David (1501–1504)[edit]

Main gallery: Michelangelo's David.

Replicas and reproductions

Piccolomini Altar (1503–1504)[edit]

Sagrestia nuova in San Lorenzo (1519–1529)[edit]

Tomb of Julius II (1505–1545)[edit]

Phases of the design[edit]

Sculptures for the Tomb of Julius II[edit]


Other sculptures[edit]


Sistine Chapel frescoes[edit]

Ceiling frescoes (1508–12)[edit]

Main galleries: Sistine Chapel ceiling and Pendentives, Spandrels, Ignudi and Shields of the Sistine Chapel.

The Last Judgment (1534-41)[edit]


Basilica of San Lorenzo, Florence[edit]

St Peter's Basilica[edit]

Parodies and variations[edit]