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Medium Mark A Whippet
English: The Medium Mark A Whippet was a British tank of World War I. Intended to complement the slow Mark V tanks by using its relative mobility and speed in exploiting any break in the enemy lines.
Country of origin: UK
Technical information:
Length: 6.10 m (20 ft) Weight: 14,300 kg (31,460 lb)
Width: 2.62 m (8 ft 7 in) Powerplant: 2x 45 hp (33.6 kW) Tylor four-cylinder petrol engine
Height: 2.74 m (9 ft) Range: 257 km (160 miles)
Crew: 3 or 4 Armour: 5-14 mm (0.2-0.55 in)
Performance: max. road speed: 13.4 km/h (8.3 mph) Armament: 2x Hotchkiss machine gun


Operational history[edit]

Mk A Whippet in modern museums[edit]

The Royal Museum of the Army (Be)[edit]

The United States Army Ordnance Museum (US)[edit]

Base Borden Military Museum (Ca)[edit]