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  • Matthew 26:67f.; 27:27-31; Mark 14:65; 15:16-20; Luke 22:63-65; 23:11; John 19:2f.

As it is sometimes difficult to decide whether a picture depicts the mocking before the Sanhedrin, the one in which Herod takes part, or the one executed at Pilate's, all passion pictures of the mocking of Christ will be connected to the current heading sorting under both "Before the Sanhedrin", "Before Herod", and "Before Pilate". According to the accounts of the evangelists, the first scene (before the Sanhedrin) includes spitting, beating, covering of the face, and mockery, whereas the scene at Pilate's also contains the elements of the robe, the crown of thorns, and the staff. The mockery by Pilate's soldiers is not mentioned by Luke, but he connects a similar scene, including the element of the robe, to the Herod questioning.