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This is the documentation page for Module:BIC

Module for support of Template:BIC and previous Template:Bien Catalogado now merged. That is for monuments of Spanish heritage registered as Bien de Interés Cultural (BIC) and other buildings registered at regional level. See documentation of the template for more information.

Messages can be translated at Module:BIC/lang.

This module generates missing optional parameters based on patterns of the identifier of the object:

if id begins with defaults to
RI-52 type=JH
RI-53 type=CH
RI-54 type=SH
RI-55 type=ZA
7-INM type=BC, link=ar, idurl=id
IPA- type=BC, link=ct, idurl=id
IPAPC- type=ZA, link=ct
08019/ type=BC, link=ct, idurl=id
03. type=BC, link=vc
12. type=BC, link=vc
46. type=BC, link=vc

otherwise assumes type=M and links to