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This module allows you to compare a template parameter to a property in Wikidata.

You can call it with: {{WikidataCheck|property=P###|value={{{value|}}}|category=Category prefix|namespaces=0,14}}

  • |property= is the P### of the property. The "P" must be uppercase.
  • |value= is the value to use from the template. This would be something like {{{id|}}}
  • |category= is the prefix to use in front of the category names. The categories created are "[prefix] not in Wikidata", "[prefix] same as Wikidata", and "[prefix] different from Wikidata".
    • It is recommended you create these categories with {{hiddencat}} before applying this template.
  • |namespaces= is a comma separated list of the numerical namespaces to apply the template in. The default is 0, which is just article space.

For en:template:MusicBrainz artist, the following is the code to add:

{{WikidataCheck|property=P343|value={{{mbid|{{{id|{{{1|}}}}}}}}}|category=MusicBrainz artist id|namespaces=0}}


local p = {}

function p.wikidatacheck(frame)
    local pframe = frame:getParent()
    local config = frame.args -- the arguments passed BY the template, in the wikitext of the template itself
    local args = pframe.args -- the arguments passed TO the template, in the wikitext that transcludes the template
    local property =
    local value = config.value or ""
    local prefix = config.prefix or ""
    local catbase = config.category
    local namespaces = config.namespaces
    local ok = false -- one-way flag to check if we're in a good namespace
    local ns = mw.title.getCurrentTitle().namespace
    for v in mw.text.gsplit( namespaces, ",", true) do
        if tonumber(v) == ns then
            ok = true
    if not ok then -- not in one of the approved namespaces
        return ""
    local entity = mw.wikibase.getEntityObject()
    if not entity then -- no Wikidata item
        return "[[Category:" .. catbase .. " without linked Wikidata]]"
    if value == "" then
        return nil -- Using Wikidata
    local claims = or {}
    local hasProp = claims[property]
    if not hasProp then -- no claim of that property
        return "[[Category:" .. catbase .. " not in Wikidata]]" -- bad. Bot needs to add the property
    compare_value = prefix .. value
    for i, v in ipairs(hasProp) do -- Now we try to iterate over all possible values?
        if v.mainsnak.snaktype == 'value' then
            propValue = (v.mainsnak.datavalue or {}).value
            if propValue == compare_value then
                return "[[Category:" .. catbase .. " same as Wikidata]]" -- yay!
    return "[[Category:" .. catbase .. " different from Wikidata]]" -- needs human review :(

return p