Molana Priory

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Molana Priory (Irish: Dairinis), also commonly called Molana Abbey, is a monastic foundation of the 6th century, located on a small island in the River Blackwater in County Waterford, Ireland. The monastery was refounded as an Augustinian priory in the 12th century.


Ground plans[edit]


According to Patrick Power (see references in the ground plan without captions) the nave dates from pre-invasion times and is therefore the oldest part of the buildings.


According to Patrick Power, the choir is of the 13th century in early English style.

East wing[edit]

The east wing includes the sacristy (which communicates with the choir), the chapter room, a parlour, and a dormitory in the upper floor.

South wing[edit]

The south wing was dedicated to the refectory.

West wing[edit]

The smaller western wing was used for the kitchen.

Cloister garth[edit]

Prior's lodge[edit]

The two storey structure that is attached to the northern side of the choir was most likely used as a lodge by the prior.

External building[edit]

There is a detached building on the island, located south-west of the main structure, which could have served as a hospital or guest house.