Monuments and memorials to Robert Burns

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This a list of memorials to Scottish poet Robert Burns.

Location Country Monument Sculptor, etc. Year Ref Image
Aberdeen Scotland statue near Union Terrace Gardens Henry Bain-Smith 1892
Alloway Scotland monument a short distance from his birthplace Photo
Arbroath Scotland statue in the grounds of Arbroath Library
Ayr Scotland statue in Burns Statue Square G.A. Lawson [1]
Dumfries Scotland statue outside Greyfriar Church in the town centre Amelia Hill
Dumfries Scotland Burns House museum [1]
Dundee Scotland statue in Meadowside
Edinburgh Scotland Burns Monument in Regent Road, south of Calton Hill. The marble statue inside by John Flaxman was moved to the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh. [2]
Edinburgh Scotland inscription in Makars' Court, outside The Writers' Museum in Edinburgh's Old Town
Glasgow Scotland statue in George Square George Edwin Ewing (sculptor), J A Ewing (reliefs), Cox and Son (cast) 1877
Irvine Scotland statue on Irvine Moor James Pittendrigh Macgillivray 1896
Leith Scotland statue on Bernard Street David Watson Stevenson 1898-10-15 (unveiled)
Paisley Scotland statue in the Fountain Gardens F. W. Pomeroy [3]
Stirling Scotland statue outside Albert Halls Albert Hodge
London England statue in Victoria Embankment Gardens John Steell 1884
Fredericton, New Brunswick Canada statue across from the Provincial Legislature William Grant Stevenson 1906-10-18 (unveiled)
Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada statue in Victoria Park G.A. Lawson 1919
Montreal Canada statue on Square Dorchester G.A. Lawson
Toronto Canada statue in Allan Gardens David Watson Stevenson (sculptor), Emanuel Hahn (panels) 1902
Vancouver Canada statue in Stanley Park G.A. Lawson
Chicago, Illinois United States statue in Garfield Park William Grant Stevenson
Denver, Colorado United States statue William Grant Stevenson
Milwaukee, Wisconsin United States statue on the south end of Burns Commons Park William Grant Stevenson
New York United States statue in Central Park John Steell 1880
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania United States statue at Phipps Conservatory & Botanical Gardens John Massey Rhind
Adelaide Australia statue outside the State Library of South Australia William James Maxwell 1894 [4] Statue in front of the State Library of South Australia
Ballarat, Victoria Australia statue outside the eponymous Burns Centre, National Circuit, Forrest John S. Davie 1935
Brisbane, Queensland Australia statue at Centenary Place 1929 Robert Burns Memorial, Brisbane 05.2013 028.jpg
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory Australia statue in Sturt St (cnr of Lydiard Street) John Udny 1935 Robert Burns memorial

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