Mount Norikura

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  • English: Mount Norikura (乗鞍岳; Norikura-dake) is a Volcano in Nagano pref. and Gifu pref. , Japan, 3,026m .
  • 日本語: 乗鞍岳(のりくらだけ)は、長野県と岐阜県にまたがる標高3,026mの複合火山。

Peaks of Mount Norikura[edit]

Volcanic lakes and ponds[edit]

Main category: Pond of Mount Norikura

View of Mount Norikura[edit]

Peak of Kengamine[edit]

Near view[edit]

Distant view[edit]

From north[edit]

From west[edit]

From south[edit]

From east[edit]

Views from Mount Norikura[edit]