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The Mozilla Corporation used 49 images on commons downsampled from high resolution to create the Wikimedia-medium image set (ZIP, 84 MB) for a lossy compressed image study in July 2014. published this collection in 2012 as Daala standard test image subset 1. In 2013 one of the originally 50 images had to be deleted here as non-free. These PNGs are also available individually, and used in an online visual comparison of Better Portable Graphics .bpg, WebP .webp, JPEG XR .jxr, JPEG 2000 .jp2, and JPEG .jpg.

Subset 1[edit]

Subset 2[edit]

Subset 2 of the four Daala test image sets by consists of 50 pictures, bundled as raw video frames (50 MB), 8bit PNGs (90 MB), or full PNGs (270 MB).