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NeuroMat is a Brazilian research center established in 2013 at USP that is dedicated to integrating mathematical modeling and theoretical neuroscience. Among the core missions of NeuroMat are the creation of a new mathematical system to understanding neural data and the development of open-source neuroscientific computational tools, keeping an active role in the context of open knowledge, open science and scientific dissemination. The research center is headed by Prof. Antonio Galves and is funded by FAPESP. See also NeuroMat category.

NeuroMat media[edit]

NeuroMat team[edit]

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NeuroMat gathers scientists, professors and specialized professionals. This gives the opportunity of producing media files on science that are relevant in the Brazilian context and worldwide.

NeuroMat visitors[edit]

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NeuroMat promotes seminars, workshops and lectures that attract researchers from several scientific centers around the world. Through these events, photographic records, presentations and other media documents that can be openly licensed are made available under this NeuroMat account.


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NeuroMat produces reports and images that may be useful for several articles in the scope of mathematics and statistics, especially in the context of probability theory and stochastic models.


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NeuroMat has produced a series of videos that are directly related not only to mathematics, but also to the context of open science and the history of science.