Nuclear weapons

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English: Nuclear weapons are devices which use nuclear reactions, nuclear fission and often nuclear fusion, for the source of massive explosive power. They are also known as atomic bombs, hydrogen bombs, and thermonuclear weapons, as well as simply the bomb
Italiano: Bomba atomica sono dispositivi che utilizzano reazioni nucleari, fissioni nucleari o fusioni nucleari, come sorgente di un grandissima forza esplosiva. Sono anche conosciute come bomba atomica, bomba all'idrogeno o armi termonucleari, come anche semplicemente la bomba
Nederlands: Een kernwapen (ook wel kernbom, atoombom of atoomwapen) is een type wapen dat gebruik maakt van de energie die is opgeslagen in de kernen van atomen om een ontploffing te veroorzaken.
Slovenščina: Jedrsko orožje so naprave, ki kot vir silovite eksplozivne moči uporabljajo jedrske reakcije (fisijo ali fusijo). Imenujemo jih tudi atomske bombe, vodikove bombe in termonuklearno orožje.

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Images of bomb and warhead casings

Minuteman III MIRV warheads

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Nuclear explosions

U.S. nuclear test, 1954.

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Weapon design principles

Inside the "Fat Man" bomb.

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Nuclear explosion physics

Mushroom cloud physics diagram.

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Nuclear missiles or nuclear bombers

Trident C4 missile.

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Manhattan Project history

General Groves and Robert Oppenheimer.

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Nuclear physics diagrams

Nuclear fission.

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Nuclear weapons related people

Klaus Fuchs, nuclear spy.

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Images of the atomic bombings of Japan

Bombing of Nagasaki, 1945.

Atomic bombings of
Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Nuclear fallout images

Hypothetical fallout after a nuclear attack on the USA.

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Nuclear weapons data

US nuclear stockpile, 1945-2002.

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