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Images from the Nuvola icon set.

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Flags / Drapeaux / Banderas / Bandiere[edit]

Main gallery: Commons:WikiProject Nuvola 2.0+/Flags.

Nuvola apps kverbos.png Nuvola apps klettres.png Nuvola apps kiten.png Nuvola apps locale.png

Clocks / Horloges / Relojes / Orologi[edit]

Nuvola apps clock.png Nuvola apps xclock.png Nuvola clock warning.png Nuvola apps clock+kalzium.png Nuvola apps ktimer.png Nuvola apps kalarm.png Shortfilm2.png Nuvola apps karm.png Nuvola apps kworldclock.png

Computer Hardware[edit]


Nuvola apps laptop battery.png Nuvola apps laptop pcmcia.png Nuvola apps mycomputer.png Nuvola apps package system.png Nuvola apps krfb.png

Monitors / Écrans / Monitores / Monitor[edit]

Nuvola apps background.png Nuvola apps display.png Nuvola apps kscreensaver.png Nuvola apps randr.png Nuvola devices tv.png

Desktops and Windows / Fenêtres & Dessus de Bureau / Escritorio y Ventanas / Schermata e Finestre[edit]

Nuvola apps icons.png Nuvola apps iconthemes.png Nuvola apps kcmkwm.png Nuvola apps fsview.png Nuvola apps ksplash.png Nuvola apps kpager.png Nuvola apps style.png Nuvola apps window list.png Nuvola apps winprops.png Nuvola apps package applications.png Nuvola apps kwin.png

Storage / Stockage / Almacenamiento / Archivio[edit]

USB Pendrives[edit]

Nuvola devices usbpendrive mount.png Nuvola devices usbpendrive unmount.png

Hard Drives / Disques Durs / Discos Duros / Hard Disk[edit]

Nuvola devices nfs mount.png Nuvola devices nfs unmount.png Nuvola devices raid.png Nuvola apps kcmdevices.png Nuvola devices hdd mount.png Nuvola devices hdd unmount.png

Diskettes / Disquettes / Disquete / Dischetto[edit]

Nuvola devices zip mount.png Nuvola devices zip unmount.png Nuvola devices 3floppy mount.png Nuvola devices 3floppy unmount.png Nuvola devices 5floppy mount.png Nuvola devices 5floppy unmount.png Nuvola devices mo mount.png Nuvola devices mo unmount.png Nuvola apps kfloppy.png


Nuvola devices cdrom mount.png Nuvola devices cdaudio unmount.png Nuvola devices cdrom unmount.png Nuvola devices cdwriter mount.png Nuvola devices cdwriter unmount.png Nuvola apps kaudiocreator.png Nuvola devices dvd mount.png Nuvola devices dvd unmount.png

Portable / Portatives / Portátiles / Portatile[edit]

Nuvola devices ipod.png Nuvola devices pda.png Nuvola devices pda black.png Nuvola devices pda blue.png Nuvola apps kpilot.png

Image Input / Sources D'images / Ingreso de imágenes / Immagini[edit]

Gnome-dev-camera.svg Nuvola devices camera mount.png Nuvola devices camera.png Nuvola devices scanner.png Nuvola devices tablet.png

Printers / Imprimantes / Impresoras / Stampanti[edit]

Nuvola devices print class.png Nuvola devices print printer.png Nuvola devices printer.png

Other / Autres / Otros / Altri[edit]

Nuvola devices modem.png Nuvola devices mouse.png Nuvola apps input devices settings.png Nuvola apps package settings.png Nuvola apps ktouch.png Nuvola apps kppp.png Nuvola apps usb.png

Circuit boards / Circuits Imprimés / Placas de Circuito / Circuito[edit]

Nuvola devices ksim cpu.png Nuvola devices memory.png Nuvola apps kcmpci.png Nuvola apps kcmprocessor.png Nuvola apps ksim.png

Programming / Programmation / Programación / Programmazione[edit]

Nuvola apps konsole.png Nuvola apps sodipodi.png Nuvola apps stylesheet.png Nuvola apps terminal.png

Letters & Numbers / Lettres & Chiffres / Letras y Números / Lettere e Numeri[edit]

Nuvola apps fonts.png Nuvola apps applixware.png Nuvola apps error.png Nuvola apps x.png Nuvola apps xemacs.png Nuvola apps xcalc.png Nuvola apps xfmail.png Nuvola apps edu miscellaneous.png Nuvola apps kmessedwords.png Nuvola apps kwin4.png Nuvola apps kcmfontinst.png

Music / Musique / Música / Musica[edit]

Nuvola apps bell.png Nuvola apps kmix.png Nuvola apps amarok.png Nuvola apps arts.png Nuvola apps artsbuilder.png Nuvola apps artscontrol.png Nuvola apps artsmidimanager.png Nuvola apps kscd.png Nuvola apps juk.png Nuvola apps knotify.png Nuvola music.svg Juk-icon.png Nuvola apps kcmmidi.png

To do / À faire / Para hacer / Per scrivere[edit]

Nuvola apps klipper.png Nuvola apps kate.png Nuvola apps khexedit.png Nuvola apps package editors.png Nuvola apps korganizer.png Nuvola apps kwrite.png Nuvola apps kedit.png Nuvola apps ksig.png Nuvola apps package wordprocessing.png Nuvola apps kword.png Nuvola apps kjots.png Nuvola apps knotes.png

Discussions / Chat / Comentarios / Messaggi[edit]

Nuvola apps chat.png Nuvola apps edu languages.png Nuvola apps filetypes.png Nuvola apps gaim.png Nuvola apps ksirc.png Nuvola apps kopete.png Nuvola apps realplayer.png Nuvola apps filetypes flipped.png Nuvola apps català.png

Games / Jeux / Juegos / Giochi[edit]

Nuvola apps kbackgammon.png Nuvola apps kbackgammon engine.png Nuvola apps package games.png Nuvola devices joystick.png Nuvola apps package games arcade.png Nuvola apps atlantik.png Nuvola apps package games strategy.png Nuvola apps kolf.png Nuvola apps kmines.png Nuvola apps kmahjong.png

Star / Étoile / Estrella / Stella[edit]

Nuvola filesystems services.svg Nuvola apps mozilla.png Nuvola apps mozilla-firebird.png Nuvola apps mozilla-thunderbird.png

Heart / Cœur / Corazón / Cuore[edit]

Nuvola apps amor.png Nuvola apps keditbookmarks.png Nuvola apps package favorite.png

School / École / Escuela / Scuola[edit]

Books / Livres / Libros / Libri[edit]

Nuvola apps bookcase.svg Nuvola apps bookcase pastel.png Nuvola apps kdict.png Nuvola apps kpdf.png Nuvola apps kpdf2.svg Nuvola apps bookcase 2.svg Nuvola apps bookcase 1.svg

Maths / Mathématiques / Matemáticas / Matematica[edit]

Nuvola apps kig.png Nuvola apps kmplot.png Nuvola apps package utilities.png Nuvola apps edu mathematics.png Nuvola apps enhanced browsing.png Nuvola apps keyboard.png Nuvola apps kchart.png Nuvola apps kcalc.png Nuvola apps kpercentage.png Nuvola apps kcmpartitions.png Nuvola apps kcmdrkonqi.png Nuvola apps kbrunch.png Nuvola apps kpovmodeler.png Nuvola apps kruler.png

E-mail / Courriel / Correo / Posta[edit]

Nuvola apps email.png Nuvola apps evolution.png Nuvola apps kmail.png Nuvola apps korn.png

People & Animals / Gens & Animaux / Gente y Animales / Persone e Animali[edit]

Nuvola apps bug.png Nuvola apps emacs.png Nuvola apps galeon.png Nuvola apps gimp.png Nuvola apps gimp2.png Nuvola apps gnome apps.png Nuvola apps gnome apps2.png Nuvola apps kgpg.png Nuvola apps kuser.png Nuvola apps package toys.png Nuvola apps personal.png

Drawing and Painting / Dessiner & Peindre / Dibujo y Pintura / Disegno e Pittura[edit]

Nuvola apps designer.png Nuvola apps kcoloredit.png Nuvola apps kolourpaint.png Nuvola apps krita.png Nuvola apps looknfeel.png Nuvola apps package graphics.png

Magnifying glass / Loupe / Lupas / Lenti[edit]

Nuvola apps kappfinder.png Nuvola apps kfind.png Nuvola apps kghostview.png Nuvola apps kmag.png Nuvola apps xmag.png Nuvola apps kpdf.png Nuvola apps kview.png Nuvola-ddipisa Icona occchiali.png

Film / Películas[edit]

Nuvola apps aktion.png Nuvola apps kaboodle.png Nuvola apps multimedia.png

Photos / Fotos / Foto[edit]

Nuvola apps digikam.png Nuvola apps indeximg.png Nuvola apps ksnapshot.png

Science Fiction / Science-Fiction / Ciencia Ficción / Fantascienza[edit]

Nuvola apps kasteroids.png Nuvola apps konquest.png

Nature / Naturaleza / Natura[edit]

Nuvola apps khangman.png Nuvola apps kuickshow.png Nuvola apps kweather.png Nuvola apps kugar.png Nuvola filesystems www.png Nuvola apps kmoon.png

Home and Office / Maison & Bureau / Casa y Oficina / Casa e Studio[edit]

Nuvola apps file-manager.png Nuvola filesystems folder home.png Nuvola apps kteatime.png

Cake / Găteau / Pastel / Torta[edit]

Nuvola apps cookie.png Nuvola apps 2 cookie.png Nuvola apps 3 cookie.png Nuvola cake 4.png Nuvola cake 5.png LGBT torta cumple.png Anniversaire truite.svg Nuvola apps cookie1.png Wikiversaire-5.svg

Arrows / Flèches / Flechas / Freccie[edit]

Nuvola apps download manager.png Nuvola apps noatun.png


Ledblue.png Ledgreen.png Ledred.png Ledorange.png Ledpink.png Ledpurple.png Ledyellow.png Ledlightblue.png Ledlightgreen.png Ledseagreen.png Ledgray.png

Security / Sécurité / Seguridad / Sicurezza[edit]

Nuvola apps agent.png Nuvola apps important.svg Nuvola apps remote.png Nuvola apps kfm.png Nuvola apps password.png Nuvola apps ksysv.png

Cubes / Cubes / Cubos / Cubi[edit]

Nuvola devices blockdevice.png Nuvola apps kblackbox.png Nuvola apps kblueboxg.png Nuvola apps kbluebox.svg Nuvola apps kblueboxv.png Nuvola apps kbluebox2.png Redbox.png Yellowbox.png

Spheres / Sphères / Esferas / Sfere[edit]

Nuvola apps kalzium.png Nuvola apps katomic.png Nuvola apps kbounce.png Nuvola apps krec.svg Nuvola apps kreversi.png

Tools / Outils / Herramientas / Strumenti[edit]

Nuvola apps kcolorchooser.png Nuvola apps kcmsystem.png Nuvola apps kservices.png Icon tools.png Gnome-devel.svg Nuvola apps package development.png

Folders / Dossiers / Carpetas / Cartelle[edit]


Nuvola filesystems folder.png Nuvola filesystems folder blue open.png Nuvola filesystems folder blue open.png Nuvola filesystems folder cyan.png Nuvola filesystems folder cyan open.png Nuvola filesystems folder green.png Nuvola filesystems folder green open.png Nuvola filesystems folder grey.png Nuvola filesystems folder grey open.png Nuvola filesystems folder orange.png Nuvola filesystems folder orange open.png Nuvola filesystems folder red.png Nuvola filesystems folder red open.png Nuvola filesystems folder violet.png Nuvola filesystems folder violet open.png Nuvola filesystems folder yellow.png Nuvola filesystems folder yellow open.png

Special / Especiales[edit]

Nuvola filesystems folder cool.png Nuvola filesystems folder download.png Nuvola filesystems folder favorite.png Nuvola filesystems folder font.png Nuvola filesystems folder games.png Nuvola filesystems folder html.png Nuvola filesystems folder image.png Nuvola filesystems folder important.png Nuvola filesystems folder locked.png Nuvola filesystems folder mail.png Nuvola filesystems folder man.png Nuvola filesystems folder midi.png Nuvola filesystems folder photo.png Nuvola filesystems folder print.png Nuvola filesystems folder print2.png Nuvola filesystems folder sound.png Nuvola filesystems folder tar.png Nuvola filesystems folder txt.png Nuvola filesystems folder video.png Nuvola filesystems folder template.png

File Attributes / Attributs de Fichiers / Atributos de Archivo / Attributi[edit]

Nuvola filesystems file broken.png Nuvola filesystems file important.png Nuvola filesystems file locked.png Nuvola filesystems file temporary.png

Internet, Network / Réseau / Redes / Connessione[edit]

Nuvola filesystems ftp.png Nuvola filesystems www.png Nuvola apps konqueror.png Nuvola filesystems network local.png Nuvola filesystems server.png Nuvola apps network.png Nuvola filesystems socket.png Nuvola apps khotkeys.png Nuvola filesystems pipe.png

Filesystem / Système de Fichiers / Sistema de Archivos / Sistema[edit]

Nuvola filesystems trashcan empty.png Nuvola filesystems trashcan full.png Nuvola filesystems chardevice.png Nuvola filesystems desktop.png Nuvola filesystems camera.png Nuvola filesystems exec.png Nuvola filesystems link.png Nuvola filesystems zip.png Nuvola filesystems lockoverlay.png

Fonts / Polices / Fuentes / Caratteri[edit]

Nuvola mimetypes gettext.png Nuvola mimetypes applix.png Nuvola mimetypes font.png Nuvola mimetypes font bitmap.png Nuvola mimetypes font truetype.png Nuvola mimetypes font type1.png Nuvola mimetypes metafont.png

Source Code / Code Source / Códigos Fuente / Codice Sorgente[edit]

Nuvola mimetypes source.png Nuvola mimetypes source c.png Nuvola mimetypes source cpp.png Nuvola mimetypes source css.png Nuvola mimetypes source f.png Nuvola mimetypes source h.png Nuvola mimetypes source j.png Nuvola mimetypes source java.png Nuvola mimetypes source l.png Nuvola mimetypes source moc.png Nuvola mimetypes source o.png Nuvola mimetypes source p.png Nuvola mimetypes source php.png Nuvola mimetypes source pl.png Nuvola mimetypes source py.png Nuvola mimetypes source s.png Nuvola mimetypes source y.png Nuvola mimetypes template source.png

Word Processing / Traitement de Texte / Procesador de Texto / Elaborazione del testo[edit]

Nuvola mimetypes dvi.png Nuvola mimetypes mime lyx.png Nuvola mimetypes ooo writer.png Nuvola mimetypes ooo writer tpl.png Nuvola mimetypes wordprocessing.png

Archives / Fichiers / Archivos / Archivio[edit]

Nuvola mimetypes deb.png Nuvola mimetypes java jar.png Nuvola mimetypes rpm.png Nuvola mimetypes tar.png Nuvola mimetypes tgz.png Nuvola apps kthememgr.png

Blanks / Blancs / En Blanco / Vuoto[edit]

Nuvola mimetypes empty.png Nuvola mimetypes mime temp.png Nuvola mimetypes kmultiple.png

Other Files / Autres Fichiers / Otros archivos / Altri File[edit]

Nuvola mimetypes abiword abi.png Nuvola mimetypes ascii.png Nuvola mimetypes bc.png Nuvola mimetypes binary.png Nuvola mimetypes cdbo list.png Nuvola mimetypes cdimage.png Nuvola mimetypes cdr.png Nuvola mimetypes cdtrack.png Nuvola mimetypes colorset.png Nuvola mimetypes core.png Nuvola mimetypes document.png Nuvola mimetypes ebuild.png Nuvola mimetypes encrypted.png Nuvola mimetypes exec wine.png Nuvola mimetypes file locked.png Nuvola mimetypes file temporary.png Nuvola mimetypes gf.png Nuvola mimetypes gnome app info.png Nuvola mimetypes html.png Nuvola mimetypes image.png Nuvola mimetypes image gimp.png Nuvola mimetypes info.png Nuvola mimetypes install.png Nuvola mimetypes karbon karbon.png Nuvola mimetypes kchart chrt.png Nuvola mimetypes kformula kfo.png Nuvola mimetypes kget list.png Nuvola mimetypes kig doc.png Nuvola mimetypes kivio flw.png Nuvola mimetypes koffice.png Nuvola mimetypes kpovmodeler doc.png Nuvola mimetypes kpresenter kpr.png Nuvola mimetypes krec fileplay.png Nuvola mimetypes krec filerec.png Nuvola mimetypes krita kra.png Nuvola mimetypes kspread ksp.png Nuvola mimetypes kugar kud.png Nuvola mimetypes kugardata.png Nuvola mimetypes kword kwd.png Nuvola mimetypes log.png Nuvola mimetypes make.png Nuvola mimetypes man.png Nuvola mimetypes message.png Nuvola mimetypes midi.png Nuvola mimetypes mime koffice.png Nuvola mimetypes mozilla doc.png Nuvola mimetypes netscape doc.png Nuvola mimetypes ooo calc.png Nuvola mimetypes ooo calc tpl.png Nuvola mimetypes ooo draw.png Nuvola mimetypes ooo draw tpl.png Nuvola mimetypes ooo impress.png Nuvola mimetypes ooo impress tpl.png Nuvola mimetypes ooo setup.png Nuvola mimetypes patch.png Nuvola mimetypes pdf.png Nuvola mimetypes postscript.png

Nuvola mimetypes readme.png Nuvola mimetypes real.png Nuvola mimetypes recycled.png Nuvola mimetypes resource.png Nuvola mimetypes shellscript.png Nuvola mimetypes soffice.png Nuvola mimetypes sound.png Nuvola mimetypes spreadsheet.png Nuvola mimetypes tex.png Nuvola mimetypes txt.png Nuvola mimetypes vcalendar.png Nuvola mimetypes vcard.png Nuvola mimetypes vectorgfx.png Nuvola mimetypes video.png Nuvola mimetypes widget doc.png

Others / Autres / Otros / Altro[edit]

Nuvola apps accessibility-directory.svg Nuvola apps ark.png Nuvola apps colors.png Nuvola apps date.svg Nuvola apps edu science.png Nuvola apps energy.png Nuvola apps go.png Nuvola apps help index.png Nuvola apps flashkard.png Nuvola apps hwinfo.png Nuvola apps kaddressbook.png Nuvola apps kcmscsi.png Nuvola apps kdat.png Nuvola apps kdict.png Nuvola apps kdisknav.png Nuvola apps key bindings.png Nuvola apps keybindings.png Nuvola apps keyboard layout.png Nuvola apps khelpcenter.png Nuvola apps kivio.png Nuvola apps go.png Nuvola apps kmenuedit.png Nuvola apps kontact.png Nuvola apps kpackage.png Nuvola apps kpresenter.png Nuvola apps ktip.png Nuvola apps ooo gulls.png Nuvola apps ooo setup.png Nuvola apps cache.png Nuvola apps core.png