Obelisks in Rome

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Agonalis obelisk in Piazza Navona[edit]

Antinous obelisk (or Pincio obelisk) on Monte Pincio[edit]

Dogali obelisk near Termini[edit]

Esquilino obelisk at Santa Maria Maggiore[edit]

EUR obelisk in the quarter EUR[edit]

Flaminio obelisk in Piazza del Popolo[edit]

Lateran obelisk in Piazza San Giovanni in Laterano[edit]

Macuteo obelisk in Piazza della Rotonda (Pantheon)[edit]

Matteiano obelisk in the Villa Celimontana[edit]

Minerveo obelisk in Piazza della Minerva[edit]

Monolite Mussolini Dux at the Foro Italico[edit]

Montecitorio obelisk in Piazza Montecitorio[edit]

Quirinale obelisk on the fountain in Piazza del Quirinale[edit]

Sallustiano obelisk at Trinità dei Monti[edit]

Vatican Obelisk in Saint Peter's Square[edit]

Obelisk lamps in Via della Conciliazione[edit]

Obelisk in Villa Medici gardens[edit]

Obelisk of Axum or Rome Stele (in Rome from 1937, gave back to Ethiopia in 2005)[edit]

Other obelisks in Rome[edit]

Unidentified obelisks of Rome in works of art[edit]