Objects in Sieveking, Ann "A catalogue of Palaeolithic art in the British Museum"

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The 3 digit reference numbers are the catalogue numbers in Sieveking, Ann. A catalogue of Palaeolithic art in the British Museum, London, British Museum Publications, 1987. ISBN 071411376X. The same number, in the form "Palart.611" etc can be used to search the British Museum collection database from this page archive copy at the Wayback Machine.

For other objects search on the converted reference as follows: In photo "64.12-26.575" = on database 1864,1226.575[dead link]



309 & 311[edit]

Perforated batons of antler, Sieveking 309[dead link] and Sieveking 311[dead link]




  • 660 Bison plaque, Montastruc

No number[edit]