Objects in the 2013 British Museum exhibition of Ice Age art

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The exhibition is -"Ice Age art: arrival of the modern mind" BM page. It will run from 7 February – 26 May 2013. This piece in The Observer gives a good preview. We have been given the list of BM objects that will be included, and expect the full list of loan objects, mostly from European museums, shortly, once this is finalized. In the meantime this PDF of foreign loans is on the BM website. There are 31 BM objects in the exhibition, of which we have Commons photos, mostly from the 2011 day at Franks House (below) of 18, and articles on 7. Any additions are most welcome. All have the key information, and sometimes more, on the BM collections database. The Commons photos are most easily found at the Commons page: Objects in Sieveking, Ann "A catalogue of .Palaeolithic art in the British Museum", which uses the same BM Sieveking "Palart" catalogue references as the BM database.

Photos wanted[edit]

There are a number of items it would be great to have photos of before they are taken off display, at the institutions listed below. The items especially needed can be seen in very poor & copyrighted photos on the BM PDF, with the page numbers below, which should probably be printed out to ensure identification (of course other photos very welcome):

  • Czech Republic: Brno
    • 28-34 Moravian Museum, Anthropos Institute, Brno
    • 27-28 Institute of Archaeology, Brno

Please add any photos uploaded to Commons to this page.


Musée des Antiquités Nationales, Saint-Germain-en-Laye[edit]

British Museum[edit]

The 3 digit reference numbers are the catalogue numbers in Sieveking, Ann. A catalogue of Palaeolithic art in the British Museum, London, British Museum Publications, 1987. ISBN 071411376X. The same number, in the form "Palart.611" etc can be used to search the British Museum collection database from this page.

Perforated batons of antler, Sieveking 309 and Sieveking 311

  • 518 Woman on broken lamp
  • 551 Mammoth spear-thrower
  • BM with no Commons pics: 201, 205, 312, 313, 516, 517, 519, 520, 566, 628, 691, St 582a.