Old Woodward High School

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Images of the Old Woodward High School in Cincinnati Ohio. See wikipedia:Woodward High School (Cincinnati, Ohio) and wikipedia:School for Creative and Performing Arts.

Old Woodward High School, 1855 Construction[edit]

First built in 1831, the school was rebuilt in 1855. The design was by English-American architect John R. Hamilton. This structure was razed in 1907.

Old Woodward High School, 1910 Construction[edit]

The original four room Woodward High School was built in 1831, and replaced in 1855. The second school was demolished in 1907. The keynote address at the cornerstone ceremony for a third school was delivered by President Elect Wm. H. Taft on November 4, 1908 (the day after his election). The school pictured here was put into service in 1910 and used continuously as Woodward High School through 1955. It was later renamed the Abigail Cutter Junior High School and then the School for Creative and Performing Arts. (Note- "Woodward High School" was moved to the Cincinnati suburb of Bond Hill in 1953 where it continues to reside as Woodward Career Technical High School)