Old maps of Amsterdam

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Cornelis Anthonisz. (1538)[edit]

In 1538, Cornelis Anthonisz. painted the oldest surviving map of Amsterdam.

Jan Micker (1652)[edit]

Cornelis Anthonisz.' map inspired Jan Micker in 1652 to paint his Bird's Eye View.

Cornelis Anthonisz. (1544)[edit]

In 1544, Cornelis Anthonisz.

Pieter Bast (1599)[edit]

Balthasar Florisz. van Berckenrode (1625)[edit]

Balthasar Florisz van Berckenrode made this aerial map, comprising nine sheets, in 1625. This map is the most detailed of all wall maps made since the sixteenth century. Van Berckenrode's feat impressed the city's authorities, which bought sixteen copies for the sum of 300 Carolus guilders. The map was reprinted in both 1648 and 1657, with the most important changes to the cityscape added.[1]

Third print (1657)[edit]

Joan Blaeu (1649)[edit]

Nicolaes Visscher (I) or Joan Blaeu (1661)[edit]

Daniel Stalpaert (1662)[edit]

Frederick de Wit (1688)[edit]

Covens and Mortier (1721)[edit]


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