P-80 Shooting Star

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  • The Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star was the first operational jet fighter used by the United States Army Air Force. The first USAAF jet fighter was the P-59 Airacomet. The P-80 was later renamed to F-80 to follow the new naming rules (F=Fighter). The P-80/F-80 was also used as trainer aircraft, the T-33 Shooting Star.
中文: F-80流星(Shotting Star,原本軍用編號為 P-80)戰鬥機是美國第一種大量生產與服役的噴射戰鬥機,也是美國第一架水平飛行速度超過800公里/時(500英里/時)的量產飛機。同時,F-80也是美國噴射戰鬥機當中第一架有擊落敵機紀錄的機種。他的衍生機種T-33教練機曾經在許多國家服役,訓練大量飛行員。