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English: PIGS (sometimes also PIIGS) is a controversial grouping acronym used by some international bond analysts, academics, and by the international economic press that refer to the economies of Portugal, Ireland (originally Italy), Greece, and Spain, often in regards to matters relating to sovereign debt markets. Some news and economic organisations have limited or banned their use due to criticism regarding perceived offensive connotations.
Français : PIGS (parfois PIIGS) est un acronyme controversé pour désigner certains pays européens dont la santé économique laisse à désirer entre 2007 et 2011 : Portugal, Italie, Espagne, Grèce et Irlande.



International investment position[edit]

Labour costs[edit]


Unit labour costs[edit]

Real Unit labour costs: compensation of employees in relation to GDP (nominal) ("nominal" divided by "nominal"), Nominal unit labour costs: compensation of employees in relation to real GDP ("nominal" divided by "real")

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