Pair of stays

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Like "a pair of trousers", a pair of stays can been sewing together to a whole.

A lady's stays have many embroidery.

The difference between a corset and a pair of stays is generally:

Corset Pair of stays
Rare shoulder strap Always shoulder strap
Always many bones. Often eight or more. The classic pair of stays have only two bones (stays), (but one bone and many small bones is known.)
generally invisible undergarments generally visible.
The classic corset has got a back lace-slit, by double lace-string. Alternative a front lace by double lace-string. The classic pair of stays have two lace-slits, one back and one in the front, each by one lace-string. But many variations is known
After c. 1850, note: Overlap c. 1850-1871 Before c. 1871