Lepista flaccida

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DomainEukaryota • RegnumFungi • DivisioBasidiomycota • SubdivisioAgaricomycotina • ClassisAgaricomycetes • SubclassisAgaricomycetidae • OrdoAgaricales • FamiliaTricholomataceae • GenusLepista • Species: Lepista flaccida (Sowerby) Pat. 1887
Lepista inversa (Scop.) Pat. 1887
Paralepista flaccida (Sowerby) Vizzini 2012
Clitocybe flaccida (Sowerby) P. Kumm. 1871
Clitocybe inversa (Scop.) Quél. 1872
Lepista gilva (Pers.) Roze 1876
Paralepista gilva (Pers.) Vizzini 2012

According to Index Fungorum, Paralepista flaccida is now the preferred name of this species and the gilva form should be separated off as a different species (Paralepista gilva).

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Lepista flaccida forma gilva[edit]

Lepista gilva (Pers.) Pat
Paralepista gilva (Pers.) Vizzini

Lepista flaccida forma inversa[edit]

Lepista inversa (Scop.) Pat.
Clitocybe inversa (Scop.) Quél.