Passiflora × decaisneana

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Often mislabelled and sold as Passiflora quadrangularis.

Distinctive features: 4 glands on 90% of the stems. Stipules 15mm long by 6mm wide. Large ovate leaves. Heavier flowers 10-13cm, corona filaments a bit scruffy at the end compared with P alata. Sepals and petals red inside & sepals green out & petals red out. Fruit egg shaped up to 18cm long, dull orange when ripe. Versus P. quadrangularis: 6 glands on 90% of the leaf stems. Stipules 2-3.5cm long by 1-2cm wide. Large ovate leaves. Flowers 8-12cm. Very scruffy corona filaments, sepals a little paler than petals inside. Fruit quadrangular (four sided), 20-30 cm long by 10-20 cm wide, pale yellow-green when ripe.