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Paving at night[edit]

In busy urban areas roadway paving is often performed at night to avoid obstructing traffic.
The below montage reorders images from several separate paving runs to show the logical sequence of the paving process.

Night paving 01 roller.jpg
A road roller stands ready to compress the freshly laid asphalt.
Night paving 02 paver.jpg
The paving crew readies the paving machine for its next run.
Night paving 03 paver crew.jpg
The paving crew waits for the next truckload of asphalt to arrive.
Night paving 04 moving paver.jpg
The paving machine and the asphalt truck move into position.
Night paving 05 truck and paver.jpg
The truck prepares to load its cargo into the paving machine.
Night paving 06 loading paver.jpg
Asphalt pours into the paving machine under the supervision of the crew.
Night paving 07 paving.jpg
The paving process begins. A road roller follows behind, compacting the fresh asphalt.
Night paving 08 paving.jpg
The extent of the paved area is carefully controlled by the crew.
Night paving 09 paving deail.jpg
Asphalt pours rapidly onto the road's surface.
Night paving 10 paving.jpg
The bin on the front of the paving machine is able to tilt.
Night paving 11 paving close.jpg
Great care is taken to pave precisely around a corner.