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English: Gallery of people by ethnicity
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Ethnic groups in Africa[edit]

African Great Lakes[edit]

Central Africa[edit]

Horn of Africa[edit]

Indian Ocean islands[edit]

North Africa[edit]

Southern Africa[edit]

Western Africa[edit]

Ethnic groups in Americas[edit]

Latin America and the Caribbean[edit]

Northern America[edit]

Ethnic groups in Asia[edit]

Anatolia and Caucasus[edit]

Central Asia[edit]

Eastern Asia[edit]

Near East[edit]

Southern Asia[edit]

Southeastern Asia[edit]

Southwestern Asia[edit]

Ethnic groups in Europe[edit]

Eastern Europe and Russia[edit]

Northern Europe[edit]

Southern Europe[edit]

Western Europe[edit]

Ethnic groups in Oceania[edit]

Australia and New Zealand[edit]