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Perth as a place name traces its origins to associations with Perth, Scotland and surrounding districts due to British exploration and migration between 1600 and 1800's.

Perth, Scotland[edit]

Perth, Scotland has settlements that have been dated back over 8000 years, it current population is around 45,000


Perth, Western Australia[edit]

Perth is the State capital of Western Australia in 2018 had a population of 2,059,484

Perth, Tasmania[edit]

Founded during the early 1800's Perth, Tasmania population in 2001 was 1984


Founded in 1816, Perth, Ontario, in 2011 had a population of around 6000

United States[edit]

New York[edit]

Founded in 1772 Perth, New York in 2000 had a population of 3638.

North Dakota[edit]

Perth is used as a place name for two towns in North Dakota one in Towner County and the other in Walsh County.

Perth, Towner County, North Dakota[edit]

Founded in 1897, the population of Perth, Towner County in 2000 was 13.

Walsh County[edit]

Named after Perth Ontario the population of Perth, Walsh County in 2000 was 63.