Peter Paul Rubens/1630–1635

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Portraits of a man and a woman, possibly Peter van Hecke and Clara Fourment[edit]

Portrait gallery of Balthasar I Moretus (second series)[edit]

Helena Fourment in her wedding dress[edit]

Ildefonso Altarpiece[edit]

The Life of Achilles[edit]

Diana Huntress and her Nymphs[edit]

The martyrdom of Saint Livinus[edit]

Whitehall Banqueting House ceiling[edit]

Pompa introitus Ferdinandi, Ghent[edit]

Pompa introitus Ferdinandi, Antwerp[edit]

Triumphal Arches and decorations[edit]

Emperors’ Gallery[edit]

Theater of Isabella[edit]

Ferdinand of Hungary meeting with Cardinal-Infante Ferdinand of Spain at Nördlingen[edit]

The issue of souls in purgatory[edit]

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