Petits théâtres de l'intime

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Petits théâtres de l'intime - The french painting genre between french revolution and the Bourbon Restauration: Temporary exhibition in musée des Augustins de Toulouse (October 22nd, 2011 - janvier 22nd, 2012)

Room 1, The influence of dutch masters[edit]

Room 2, The evolution of taste in the society under ancien régime[edit]

Room 3, The Flemish taste[edit]

Room 4, Greuze and the edifying subjects[edit]

Room 5, The research of years 1790-1800 on feminine's peach[edit]

Room 6, The Englomania[edit]

Room 7, The troubadour's temptation[edit]

Room 8, The Bourbon restauration style[edit]