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APG III Classification: DomainEukaryota • (unranked)Archaeplastida • RegnumPlantae • Cladusangiosperms • Claduseudicots • Claduscore eudicots • Cladusasterids • Claduseuasterids I • FamiliaBoraginaceae • SubfamiliaHydrophyllaceae • Genus: Phacelia Juss. (1789)

Genus Phacelia Juss. (1789)[edit]

Aldea Ruiz & Pav. (1794)
Heteryta Raf. (1808)
Endiplus Raf. (1818)
Eutoca R. Br. (1823)
Cosmanthus Nolte ex A. DC. (1845)
Microgenetes A. DC. (1845)
Whitlavia Harv. (1846)


Type species Phacelia secunda J.F. Gmel. (1791)

English: See also List of Phacelia species on en.wikipedia


English: Especially Lacy Phacelia (Phacelia tanacetifolia, cultivars and/or hybrids?) is used in agriculture as a cover crop (green manure and bee plant). Other Phacelia species are cultivated as garden plants and honey plants.

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