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 Vernacular names [edit wikidata 'Category:Lice' linked to current category] Wikidata 'Category:Lice' linked to current category [edit wikidata 'louse' main topic of 'Category:Lice'] Wikidata item 'louse' main topic (P301) of 'Category:Lice'
DomainEukaryota • RegnumAnimalia • PhylumArthropoda • SubphylumHexapoda • ClassisInsecta • SubclassisPterygota • InfraclassisNeoptera • SuperordoParaneoptera • Ordo: Phthiraptera Haeckel, 1896
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English: Lice (singular: louse) are obligate ectoparasites of every mammalian and avian order, with the notable exceptions of Monotremes and Chiroptera (bats)
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Included suborders (for ITIS):
Amblycera, Anoplura, Ischnocera, Psocomorpha, Rhynchophthirina, Troctomorpha, Trogiomorpha
Included suborders (for NCBI):
Amblycera, Anoplura, Ischnocera, Rhyncophthirina
Included suborders (for Psocodea Species File):
Amblycera, Anoplura, Ischnocera, Rhynchophthirina


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