Pictorum 1572

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English: Pictorum aliquot celebrium Germaniae inferioris effigies (literal translation: Effigies of some celebrated painters of Lower Germany) is a book consisting of 23 portraits of prominent early Netherlandish painters engraved by some of the leading engravers of the time such as w:Jan Wierix, w:Adriaen Collaert and w:Cornelis Cort. The author of the book was w:Dominicus Lampsonius who wrote an introductory dedication and provided Latin epigrams for each print. The book was published in 1572 in Antwerp by w:Volcxken Diericx, the widow of the prominent publisher w: Hieronymus Cock. The last print was a portrait of Hieronymus Cock made after his death and has been attributed to Jan Wierix.

Hendrik Hondius I published in 1610 a book with almost the same title ('Pictorum aliquot celebrium, præcipué Germaniæ Inferioris', in English: 'Effigies of some celebrated painters, chiefly of Lower Germany') that contained 69 engraved portraits of painters. Hondius' work included in its first part reworked versions of 22 of the portraits of the 1572 publication. The portrait of Hieronymus Cock (often numbered 23) was not included in Hondius' publication.

Pictorum aliquot Germaniae Inferioris Effigies, by Dominicus Lampsonius, 1572 online version at the Courtauld Institute of Art.