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Platonic solids[edit]

Dansk: Platonisk legeme - Tetraeder, Heksaeder (terning), Oktaeder, Dodekaeder, Ikosaeder.
Deutsch: Platonischer Körper - Tetraeder, Hexaeder, Oktaeder, Dodekaeder, Ikosaeder.
English: Platonic solid - tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron, icosahedron
Esperanto: Platona pluredro - Kvaredro, Sesedro aŭ kubo, Okedro, Dekduedro, Dudekedro
Español: Sólido platónico - tetraedro, hexaedro (cubo), octaedro, dodecaedro, icosaedro.
Français : Solides de Platon - tétraèdre, cube, octaèdre, dodécaèdre, icosaèdre
Italiano: Solidi platonici - tetraedro, esaedro (cubo), ottaedro, dodecaedro, icosaedro.
Македонски: Платонско тело (правилен полиедар) - тетраедар, хексаедар, октаедар, додекаедар, икосаедар.
Nederlands: Regelmatig veelvlak - tetraëder, hexaëder (kubus), octaëder, dodecaëder, icosaëder.
日本語: 多面体 - 正四面体、正六面体、正八面体、正十二面体、正二十面体
Polski: Wielościan foremny - czworościan (tetraedr), sześcian (heksaedr), ośmiościan (oktaedr), dwunastościan (dodekaedr), dwudziestościan (ikosaedr).
Română: Solide platonice - Tetraedru, Cub sau hexaedru, Octaedru, Dodecaedru, Icosaedru
Русский: Правильный многогранник - Тетраэдр, Куб, Октаэдр, Додекаэдр , Икосаэдр.
Slovenščina: Platonsko telo - tetraeder, heksaeder (kocka), oktaeder, dodekaeder, ikozaeder.
Svenska: Platonska kroppar - Tetraeder, Hexaeder (kub), Oktaeder, Dodekaeder, Ikosaeder.
中文: 正多面體 - 正四面體, 立方體(正六面體,正八面體,正十二面體,正二十面體
Български: Правилен многоъгълник - Тетраедър, Куб, Октаедър, Додекаедър , Икосаедър.

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By User:Cyp:

Animations of the Platonic solids[edit]

By User:Dan Radin

By User:Cyp

By User:Cyp

Same, turning more slowly; altered by Peter Steinberg

loco By User : Papy77

animated twisted geodesical dome (3,1) animated twisted dual geodesical dome (3,1)


Italiano: Poliedro duale
日本語: 双対多面体

By BirgitLachner (GFDL)

Duality of tetrahedron Cube in Octahedron Octahedron in Cube

By User:Dan Radin

Complete set of dualities by Peter Steinberg


Archimedean solids[edit]

PD images from nl:Halfregelmatig veelvlak:

Truncated tetrahedron.png Truncated octahedron.png Afgeknotte icosidodecaëder.png Truncated icosahedron.png Truncated dodecahedron.png Truncated cuboctahedron.png Afgeknotte kubus.png Stomp regelmatig twaalfvlak.png Stompe kubus.png Rombische kuboctaëder.png Rombische icosidodecaëder.png Icosidodecaëder.png Cuboctahedron.png


By User:Aka (GFDL)


que doido isso[edit]

By Arbol01 (GFDL)

W cuboct2.jpg

Johnson solids[edit]

By AndrewKepert (GFDL)

Catalan solids[edit]