Postmarks of Baden-Württemberg

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This page refers to the postmarks or cancellations placed in the territory of the modern federal state (Land) of Baden-Württemberg (Germany), created in 1952.

Historical, most common, postmarks are illustrated by type. Official literature names are given in (German).

DBP 1992 1586 Wappen Baden-Württemberg.jpg

Linear (Langstempel)[edit]

In use since about 1750, with the place name after DE or D' or VON. Single line (Einzeiler) since 1806. Two lines (Zweizeiler) since 1812.

Framed (Rahmenstempel)[edit]

Figures within one or multiple rings (Nummern-Stempel)[edit]

Most commonly used in Grand Duchy of Baden (Grossherzogtum), numbers between 1 and 177.

Half-circle (Segment)[edit]

3-rings (Dreikreis)[edit]

2-rings (Zweikreis)[edit]

In use since 1847.

Stirrup (Steigbügel)[edit]

In use since 1842.

Fan shape (Fächer)[edit]

Circle (Einkreis)[edit]