Postmarks of Poland, 1850-1919

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Cancellations or Postmarks stamped within the borders of the current Polish territory, before the creation of the Poland Republic in 1919.


Postmarks in Galicia KK province 1850-1918[edit]

Chronological order

Empire of Austria Kreuzer issues[edit]

Cisleithania Kreuzer issues (1867-1899)[edit]

Heller issues[edit]

Postmarks in Austrian Silesia province 1850-1918[edit]

Only one district: Bielitz, now merged with the Galician town of Biala.

Postmarks in the Kingdom of Prussia provinces before 1918[edit]

Sorted in chronological order

Postmarks of the Kingdom of Poland in the Russian Empire, 1860-1918[edit]

The territory of the Kingdom of Poland, as Russian part, roughly corresponds to the Kalisz Region and the Lublin, Łódź, Masovia, Podlasia and Świętokrzyskie voivodeships of Poland.