Postmarks of the Czech lands

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Cancellations or Postmarks stamped within the borders of the current Czech Republic territory. The current location name is given.


Philately in older context[edit]

Austrian Empire period (1850-1867)[edit]

They were cancelled in the provinces Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia. They are sorted by issue and value.

Issue I (1850)[edit]

Issue II[edit]

Issue III[edit]

Issues IV & V[edit]

Austrian Monarchy (1867-1918)[edit]

Kreuzer Franz Joseph[edit]

The bilingual cancellations were officially required in 1871, except for locations which were dominatingly German speaking[1] (later called Sudetenland).

1883 issue[edit]

1890 - 1896 issues[edit]

Heller - Kronen[edit]

In 1900, there were 1434 post-offices in Bohemia, 656 in Moravia, and 188 in Silesia, which is 37% of the amount of post-offices (6186)[2] in the Austrian part (Cisleithania) of the monarchy.


Sorted by issue


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  2. Die postalischen Abstempelungen auf den österreichischen Postwertzeichen-Ausgaben 1867, 1883 und 1890, Wilhelm KLEIN, 1967

Czechoslovakia (1918-1939)[edit]

On 15 March 1939, part of Czechoslovakia was assimilated in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia.