Princes of Condé

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In the ancien régime when France was a monarchy, the title of Prince of Condé was held by the senior line of the house of Bourbon which ruled from 1589 til the French Revolution. Though not a sovereign principality, the holder was one of the most senior members of the court. The holder and his immediate family held the prestigious rank of prince of the blood as well as the style of address of Serene Highness. Following the death of the last holder, Louis Henri in 1830, the title was later given to Prince Louis of Orléans, a grandson of King Louis Philippe I of the French. Following the death of Prince Louis in 1866, the title was never used again.


House of Bourbon[edit]

Louis (1530–1569)[edit]

Henri (1552–1588)[edit]

Henri (1588–1646)[edit]

Louis, Grand Condé (1621-1686)[edit]

Henri Jules (1643-1709)[edit]

Louis (1668-1710)[edit]

Louis Henri (1692-1740)[edit]

Louis Joseph (1736-1818)[edit]

Louis Henri (1756-1830)[edit]

House of Orléans[edit]

Prince Louis[edit]