Raymore Drive

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English: Raymore Drive is a mostly residential street near Weston, Toronto, Ontario. Although a canal that would have run through the area was once proposed, by the mid-1950s, it was home to a mix of blue-collar workers and retirees. On October 15, 1954, the area was severely affected by Hurricane Hazel. The Humber River, next to which the street runs, burst its banks in a heavy flood, which killed 35 residents; in contrast, 81 Canadians in total were killed during the storm. The flood was made worse after a footbridge spanning the Humber was torn off one abutment by the rising waters, and redirected the Humber through the neighbourhood. The flood washed away 39% of the street, which was not rebuilt. Residential development in that area was prohibited in the aftermath of Hazel, and the affected area made into Raymore Park.