Reggio Calabria

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Reggio Calabria
Deutsch: Reggio Calabria ist eine Stadt in Kalabrien in Italien.
English: Reggio Calabria is a city in Calabria in Italy.
Español: Regio de Calabria es una ciudad de Calabria, en Italia.
Français : Reggio de Calabre est une ville de la Calabre, en Italie.
Italiano: Reggio Calabria è una città della Calabria in Italia.
Nederlands: Reggio Calabria is een stad van Calabrië, in Italië.
Português: Régio da Calábria é uma cidade da Calábria, na Itália.

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City view[edit]

Reggio Calabria: view of the south zone of the city taken from the Rotonda square, near the Saint paul's Sanctuary.


Archaeological National Museum of Magna Grecia[edit]

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Madonna della Consolazione[edit]

Francesco Cilea Theater[edit]





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Reggio Calabria: end of the A3 motorway and beginning of the RA04 slip road that connects with the SS 106