Resurrection of Christ

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Main gallery: Passion of Christ.

Entombment of Christ[edit]

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Jesus at the tomb[edit]

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Man of Sorrows[edit]

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Harrowing of Hell[edit]

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Main gallery: Category:Resurrection of Christ.

Earthquake and Resurrection[edit]

The Angel Opening Christ's Tomb[edit]

Guardians of Jesus' tomb[edit]

Main gallery: Category:Sleeping guards at the tomb of Christ.

Tomb discovery[edit]

Empty tomb[edit]

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Myrrhbearers (Women at the Tomb)[edit]

Resurrection angel[edit]

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Appearances of Jesus[edit]

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Appearing to the Women[edit]

Noli me tangere (Appearing to Mary Magdalene)[edit]

The Announcement to the Disciples[edit]

The Disciples Investigating[edit]

The Report of the Guards[edit]

The Emmaus Wanderers[edit]

Road to Emmaus[edit]
Arrival and Invitation[edit]
Supper at Emmaus[edit]

Appearing to Peter[edit]

Appearing to the Eleven[edit]

Doubting Thomas[edit]

To Virgin Mary (Apocrypha)[edit]

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By the Sea of Tiberias[edit]

Fishing with No Luck[edit]
Fishing at Christ's Advice[edit]
Main gallery: Category:Miraculous draught of fish.
Eating on the Shore[edit]
Jesus and Peter[edit]

The Great Commission[edit]


Main gallery: Category:Ascension of Jesus Christ.
Main gallery: Ascension of Christ.

Christ in Glory[edit]

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