Rhus distribution maps of North America

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This page is part of Flora distribution maps of North America.

Latin Name English Name Mapmaker 0 1 2 3 4/5
Rhus glabra smooth sumac Little (1976,77) Rhus glabra range map 0.png Rhus glabra range map 1.png Rhus glabra range map 2.png Rhus glabra range map 3.png Rhus glabra range map 4.png
Rhus typhina staghorn sumac Little (1977) Rhus typhina range map 0.png Rhus typhina range map 1.png Rhus typhina range map 2.png Rhus typhina range map 3.png Rhus typhina range map 4.png
Rhus copallinum
 ≈ Rhus copallina
shining sumac Little (1977) Rhus copallinum range map 0.png Rhus copallinum range map 1.png Rhus copallinum range map 2.png Rhus copallinum range map 3.png Rhus copallinum range map 4.png
Rhus copallinum var. lanceolata
 ≈ Rhus lanceolata
prairie sumac,
flameleaf sumac
Little (1976)
Rhus virens var. choriophylla
 ≈ Rhus choriophylla
Mearns sumac Little (1976) Rhus virens range map 0.png Rhus virens range map 1.png Rhus virens range map 2.png Rhus virens range map 3.png Rhus virens range map 4.png
Rhus integrifolia lemonade sumac Little (1976)
Rhus kearneyi Kearney sumac Little (1976) Rhus kearneyi range map 0.png Rhus kearneyi range map 1.png Rhus kearneyi range map 2.png Rhus kearneyi range map 3.png Rhus kearneyi range map 4.pngRhus kearneyi range map 5.png
Rhus microphylla littleleaf sumac Little (1976)
Rhus ovata sugar sumac Little (1976)
Malosma laurina
 ≈ Rhus laurina
laurel sumac Little (1976)