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The numbers accompanying the images in the gallery below refer to the inventory number of each work. Numbers that are crossed out indicate that the work concerned is on loan or is no longer part of the collection.
* indicates that the ownership of the work has been conveyed to a different institution
^ indicates works that are on loan to a different institution

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For paintings in the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam by school, see Category:Paintings in the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.

Permanent collection[edit]

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam by room[edit]

room 0.1[edit]


Van der Pot van Groeneveld collection[edit]

Van Heteren Gevers Cabinet[edit]

Leeuwarden series[edit]

Dupper bequest[edit]

J.S.H. van de Poll bequest[edit]

J.S.R. van de Poll collection[edit]

Verloren van Themaat collection[edit]

Franken bequest[edit]

Van Lynden bequest[edit]

Vanmour series[edit]

Westerwoudt bequest[edit]

Six van Vromade collection[edit]

Hoogendijk collection[edit]

Van Randwijk collection[edit]

Van Wezel bequest[edit]

Kessler-Hülsmann collection[edit]

Vom Rath bequest[edit]

Breitner-Jordan bequest[edit]

Drucker-Fraser collection[edit]

Governors-general series[edit]

NK collection[edit]

De Bruijn-Van der Leeuw bequest[edit]

Rotterdam Dutch East India Compamy series[edit]

Panpoeticon Batavum[edit]