Rogue River (Oregon)

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Rogue River Gorge - river mile 188[edit]

Rogue Natural Bridge - river mile 185[edit]

Avenue of the Giant Boulders - river mile 171[edit]

Lost Creek Dam - river mile 157[edit]

Gold Ray Dam - river mile 126[edit]

Grants Pass - river mile 102[edit]

Indian Mary County Park - river mile 80[edit]

Grave Creek confluence[edit]

Grave Creek Rapid[edit]


Rafting mileage on the lower Rogue River begins at Grave Creek and corresponds to river mile 68. Rafters usually take out at Foster Bar, rafting mile 35 or river mile 33.7.[1]

Putting in at Grave Creek - mile 0.0[edit]

Grave Creek Rapid - mile 0.1[edit]

Rainie Falls - mile 1.8[edit]

Mule Creek Canyon - mile 20.8[edit]