Routemaster bus RM348

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English: Routemaster bus RM348 (reg. 851 UXC, ex-WLT 348) was delivered to London Transport in June 1960. It saw continuous service in London, being one of the RM class to receive a new (Iveco) engine and refurbishment in the late 1990s. At privatisation, it passed to the fleet of South London in 1994 (which later became Arriva London South). It received a Scania engine and a oxidation catalyst exhaust in the late 1990s, and was refurbished in Enfield in 2002. In June 2004 it was reregistered as 851 UXC, and withdrawn into storage, from route 137, a month later. A month after that it passed to dealer Ensignbus, who sold it to a private buyer in December 2004. As of 2011 it was being used as the 'Red Bus Gallery', a static art exhibition venue for visiting artists, at Burton Agnes Hall in East Yorkshire.