SMY Hohenzollern

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SMY Hohenzollern (de:Seiner Majestät Yacht Hohenzollern) was the name of several Yachts used by Wilhelm I., Deutscher Kaiser and Wilhelm II., Deutscher Kaiser between 1878 and 1918, named after their House of Hohenzollern.

SMY Hohenzollern I[edit]

The first S.M.Y. Hohenzollern was built 1876 to 1878. In 1892 it was renamed Kaiseradler. It was scrapped in 1912.

SMY Hohenzollern II[edit]

The second SMY Hohenzollern in use as Imperial Yacht from 1893 to July 1914.

SMY Hohenzollern III[edit]

The Hohenzollern III was launched in September 1914 but never finished due to war. It was scrapped in 1923

Imperial racings yachts[edit]

The Thistle was purchased by Wilhelm II in 1891 and renamed Meteor. The same named was reused for later models.