San Fedele (Milan)

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San Fedele is a Jesuit church in Milan, northern Italy. It is entitled to St. Fidelis of Como, patron of the Catholic diocese of Como.


Fianco / Flank[edit]

Interno - sinistra / Inside - left[edit]

Prima cappella a sinistra (battistero) / First chapel at left (baptistry)[edit]

Seconda cappella a sinistra / Second chapel at left[edit]

Terza cappella a sinistra / Third chapel at left - Madonna della Scala[edit]

Pulpito / Pulpit[edit]

Confessionali / Confession boxes[edit]

Interno - Presbiterio / Inside - Presbitery[edit]

Interno - destra / Inside - right[edit]

Prima cappella a destra / First chapel at right - Sant'Ignazio di Loyola[edit]

Seconda cappella a destra / Second chapel at right[edit]

Terza cappella a destra / Third chapel at right[edit]