San Francisco Municipal Railway

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The San Francisco Municipal Railway, or Muni as it is commonly known, is the public transit system for the city and county of San Francisco, California. In 2000, it served More...

Orion Buses in Muni[edit]

Boeing Cars in Muni (Retired)[edit]

Breda Cars in Muni[edit]

F Market Streetcars[edit]

ETI Skoda in Muni[edit]

New Flyer in Muni (Semi-Retired)[edit]

Muni's "Historic Fleet"[edit]

Neoplans in Muni[edit]

NABIs in Muni[edit]

Cable Cars in Muni[edit]

Bus Shelters, markings, and other amenites to Muni[edit]


Rare, you-didn't-know-about-its[edit]