Sankt Petri kyrka, Malmö

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The Sankt Petri Church in Malmö, located by the canal down by the sea side, some 5 minutes from the central station.

Sankt Petri was described by sv:C.G. Brunius as the finest church in Skåne after Lunds domkyrka. It was built in the 13th century in the "German" Gothic architecture, with red bricks.

The tower fell down once in the 15th century. It was blamed on a woman who had been seen pointing her finger at the tower prior to the fall, and she was burned for that.

Before the reformation the church was the home for monks. With the reformation, the monks were forced to leave.

The church was in a somewhat bad condition in the 17th-19th century. For a while the tower had no roof. Then it had a "cap" shaped roof for a while.

Several old photos and drawings are referred to comming from "Wåhlin" , which is:

Name: Wåhlin, Theodor, (1864-1948)
Title: Malmö S:t Petri kyrka : kortfattad historik och vägledning för besökande  
Printing: Published in Malmö, 1919 
( source:  Malmö city library )

Note that photos older than 70 years are Public Domain (at least in Sweden).




Old drawings and photos[edit]

Some of them were only intended as thumbnails for a web page I was creating, so the quality is rather bad. Others are scanned in png's, or digitally improved jpg's.