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Schönheitengalerie (Gallery of Beauties) is a collection of portraits in Nymphenburg castle in Munich. It was commissioned by King Ludwig I of Bavaria. These women of all classes should represent woman´s beauty a passenger could meet in the streets of Munich. All 36 (some paintings are missed) likenesses were painted by Court painter Joseph Karl Stieler between 1827 and 1850. With the exception of Lola Montez and perhaps Jane Digby (= disputed!) these women were no mistresses of the King. The King has proofed the reputation of a candidate before he gave order to Stieler to paint her. Sometimes he has asked his wife and his relatives, whether they can name a candidate for his gallery. The candidates, which Stieler himself has proposed - mostly beauties he has met at parties or at the Fasching - were all refused :-).

Deutsch: Die Schönheitengalerie König Ludwigs I. im Schloss Nymphenburg in München umfasst 36 Porträtmalereien schöner Frauen, die zwischen 1827 und 1850 von Joseph Karl Stieler im Auftrag des Königs gemalt wurden. Vorbild hierfür war der Porträtsaal im Peterhofer Schloss, in dem 368 Bilder schöner Russinen die Wände bedecken. Die Frauen sollten einen Querschnitt der Schönheiten Bayerns abbilden und stammten aus allen Schichten. Zur Schönheit zählte Ludwig auch die Frömmigkeit. Am bekanntesten wurden die Porträts seiner Geliebten Lola Montez sowie der Schustertochter Helene Sedlmayr.

Schönheitengalerie/Gallery of Beauties[edit]