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Deutsch: Wasserflugzeug
English: A seaplane is an aircraft that can land and take off from water.
Español: Hidroavión
Français : Un hydravion est un avion conçu pour décoller et atterrir sur l'eau.
Italiano: Idrovolanti.
日本語: 水上機(すいじょうき)とは、水面上に浮いて滑走が可能な船型の機体構造、あるいは浮舟(フロート)のような艤装を持ち、水上にて離発着できるように設計された航空機である。
Polski: Wodnosamolot
Português: Hidroavião
Русский: Гидросамолёт
Tiếng Việt: Thủy phi cơ
中文: 水上飛機

Seaplanes by type[keisti]

Flying boats[keisti]

English: A flying boat is a specialized form of aircraft that is designed to take off from and land on water, using its fuselage as a floating hull.


English: A floatplane is a type of seaplane, with slender pontoons (known as "floats") mounted under the fuselage; only the floats of a floatplane normally come into contact with water, with the fuselage remaining above water.

Seaplanes by use[keisti]

Military seaplanes[keisti]

Civilian seaplanes[keisti]

Hydro-aéroclub du Lac de Côme en Italie[keisti]