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This special page shows all uploaded files that have not been deleted; for those see the upload log.

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Date Name Thumbnail Size Description
01:24, 24 October 2015 Stone Hall (geograph 4575741).jpg (file) 88 KB Transferred from using [ grograph2commons]
10:06, 19 October 2005 Mosta cathedral.jpg (file) 229 KB Taken by me in Malta June 2005
14:17, 12 September 2005 UK fuel protest 2005 birmingham queues.akadruid.jpg (file) 25 KB 'Petrol Rage' Tempers flare in a long line of people queueing for petrol in Birmingham, England. Taken from [ Jaggy snake's moblog]. CC Attribution 2.0 license
12:24, 15 August 2005 Lada.riva.akadruid.jpg (file) 228 KB {{cc-by-sa-2.0}} taken from [ Flickr] author: [ Dzsini]
11:56, 28 April 2005 US Soldiers removing landmines.jpg (file) 1.19 MB US Soldiers removing landmines. Taken from, 28-Apr-05. US military images are placed in the Public Domain by default. specifically places all content in the public domain.
13:57, 26 January 2005 Akashi-kaikyo bridge1.from jp wp.akadruid.jpg (file) 80 KB Taken from 26-Jan-05, where it was published under GFDL. {{GFDL}}